5 Stretches to Protect Your Neck, Shoulders and Waist at Work

Date:2020-3-30 Author:Cordelia
5 Stretches to Protect Your Neck, Shoulders and Waist at Work

For people who need to sit for a long time at work, working at a desk for a long time is easy to cause different degrees of soreness in the lower back, shoulders and neck. In addition to standing up and walking around every now and then, you can also take advantage of the office to do some simple stretching exercises to fully stretch your neck, shoulders, and waist.

Action 1

Target: relieve shoulder pain

How to do: straighten your arms so they are as wide as your shoulders. Bend your arms slightly and place your palms on the table. Be careful not to strain your arms too much. Inhale without moving, exhale with your body sinking, head parallel to your arms, hold this position for 5 to 15 seconds, breathe evenly in the process. Slowly lift your body and relax when you exhale.

Action 2

Target: reduce neck fatigue and pain, improve blood supply to the head

How to do: let your arms hang down at your sides. Inhale without moving, and exhale with your left hand over your head to hold your right ear and stretch to the left. Note that the force should be steady, slow, till you feel the right side of the neck stretching appropriately. Hold this for 5-15 seconds and breathe evenly. When you exhale, slowly return put down your arm, and try another side.

Action 3

Target: relax back muscles and relieve back pain

How to do: extend your arms forward with palms down. Inhale without moving, exhale with both hands clenched fists and bend elbows back to extrude your back. Raise your head backwards and sink your shoulders as much as possible, imagining your elbows touching each other at the back of your waist. Keep this action for 5-15 seconds while breathing evenly. As you exhale, extend your arms forward, slowly bend your back and spread your shoulder blades to feel your back fully extended.

Action 4

Target: straighten your body, align the spine, and relieve back pain

How to do: slightly bend your arms while putting your palms down on the table. Note that the arms should not be too tense to prevent super stretch. Inhale without moving, and exhale with hands pressing down. Try it for 5 ~ 15 seconds, and then slowly relax your hands when exhaling.

Action 5

Target: relieve shoulder and neck pain

How to do: hang down your arms naturatly at both sides of the body. Move your shoulder around from the front to the back when exhaling. Remember to keep your body and head motionless as you rotate your shoulders. Exhale as your shoulders move up and inhale as you move down.10 to 20 turns in each direction.

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