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  • How to Hide the Content in an Excel Cell

    Date:2019-7-31 Author:Cordelia

    I’ve introduced how to hide cells (precisely speaking, rows or columns) in Excel. In this post I’ll share another trick about hiding the content of one or multiple specified cells without affecting the structure of the table. And the best thing is, when you double-click that cell, the content will show again. In this table […]

  • How to Import Data from TXT to Excel

    Date:2019-7-30 Author:Cordelia

    Not all the people are used to organize information with Excel all the time. Sometimes we already have the data recorded in Word or TXT and want to import them to Excel for convenience and intuition. How can we convert all the text content into a table? The first step is organizing the data in […]

  • How to Merge Duplicate Cells and Calculate the Summation in Excel

    Date:2019-7-29 Author:Cordelia

    In actual statistics, a person or an item could appear multiple times in the list with different values followed. We can’t simply delete any of them. Instead, we need to combine these cells and sum their values. So how can we achieve it? Look at the table below. It’s apparently that there’re 2 person show […]

  • How to Insert a Superscript in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2019-7-23 Author:Cordelia

    Sometimes you can’t avoid the units with superscripts in Excel sheet such as m2 and m3. Inserting superscripts in Excel is not as easy as in Word. Let’s see how to achieve it. Now I want to input m2 in Excel, so I type m2 in the cell first. Select the content you want convert […]

  • How to Freeze Specific Cells in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2019-7-17 Author:Cordelia

    A large table with tons of data usually can’t be fully displayed in a single page. You must scroll down or scroll to the right for a more complete viewing. In order to correspond these data with the title or other key content intuitively, you can freeze some specified cells in the table. In this […]

  • How to Remove the Dotted Borders in Excel

    Date:2019-7-17 Author:Cordelia

    Have you ever seen one or more dotted borders in your Excel worksheet? It appears all of a sudden and can’t be deleted by normal means, which could be quite annoying. This kind of dotted line is actually caused by the switching of workbooks views. You can see this feature in View tab or the […]

  • How to Copy Excel Formulas to Multiple Cells or Entire Column

    Date:2019-7-17 Author:Cordelia

    If you have tons of data to deal with in a spreadsheet, it’s much more convenient to use Excel functions instead of manual calculations. But inputting formulas in each cell can also take a lot of time. Is there a way to enter it just once and apply the formula to multiple cells within seconds? […]

  • 2 Ways to Add Auto Reminders on Due Date in Excel

    Date:2019-7-17 Author:Cordelia

    Working with the data in Excel spreadsheets often requires a reminder of the due date, such as the due date of receivable. In this post, I’ll introduce 2 methods to add a due date reminder in your Excel sheet. Hope it can be helpful to your work. 1. Functions See the example below. I create […]

  • How to Insert an Excel File in Word Document

    Date:2019-7-16 Author:Cordelia

    Word is one of the most commonly used office software in work and study. In order to make a Word document more convincing, we could insert other kinds of files in it for reference. For example, if we insert an Excel file in Word document, we can then refer to the original data while reviewing […]

  • How to Lock Specific Cells in Excel to Protect the Data

    Date:2019-7-16 Author:Cordelia

    When we are editing a table with Excel, some of the data in it may be so important that can’t be modified by others freely or by ourselves incautiously. If we can lock one or several cells in the table only, we can then focus more on processing the data without extra worries. How to […]