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  • How to Hide Specific Files on Your Computer Completely

    Date:2020-5-5 Author:Cordelia

    If you live in a big family or group, your PC can hardly be truly “personal” since anyone could use it, not to mention the work computer in your office. In this case, you can actually hide those important files you don’t want others to peek, temporarily, at least. There are 2 ways you can […]

  • How to Enable the Manual or Automatic Update on Windows 10

    Date:2020-5-4 Author:Cordelia

    If Windows 10 doesn’t remind you to update your system for a long time, and you still want your computer to be up to date, you might need to check the status of update services, and enable it if needed. 1. Enter services.msc in the textbox, click OK button or press [Enter] to run it. […]

  • How to Download and Install Plugins in Chrome

    Date:2020-5-1 Author:Cordelia

    Chrome is a powerful browser that already meets your basic needs to surf the Internet. However, to use some advanced features, you still need the support of some extensions/plugins. So, how can you download and install the extensions you want in chrome? Here’s a simple guide. 1. Click the icon of three dots on the […]

  • How to View the Password of Connected Wi-Fi on Windows 10

    Date:2020-4-30 Author:Cordelia

    If you’ve logged in a Wi-Fi account successfully and saved the password, you can automatically connect to it next time under the same network condition. Over time, you may forget the exact password. So, in case you need to re-enter it or tell others, it’s necessary to know how to find the password of a […]

  • How to Play Old Microsoft Games Like Minesweeper on Win 10

    Date:2020-4-29 Author:Cordelia

    Do you remember the old days when playing classic Microsoft games like Minesweeper and Spider Solitaire on Windows 7 or even XP? As Windows being updated from generation to generation, these games are more and more hard to find, you may even have to download them manually. So, what about in Windows 10? Can you […]

  • How to Disable Built-in Ads from Windows 10

    Date:2020-4-25 Author:Olivia

    The built-in ads in Windows 10 might affect the user experience, especially for those who work with the operating system on a daily basis. Fortunately, Windows 10 let you disable these ads, and this post will introduce how to find and turn off the related switch. 1. Right-click anywhere on a blank area of the […]

  • How to Change the Sign-in Password of Your Computer in Win 10

    Date:2020-4-24 Author:Olivia

    We’ve share the method to add the sign-in password of your computer account, but what if someone else has know your password, or your current password is too complex/simple that doesn’t meet your needs? Actually you can change it through the following method. Let’s see how to do it in Windows 10. 1. Click Start […]

  • 6 Tips for Returning to Work under the Threat of COVID-19

    Date:2020-4-22 Author:Cordelia

    Currently, many people are still quarantined at home because of novel coronavirus outbreak, while in some areas people have started or will start to return to work. Anyway, it’s just a matter of time for you to get back to your jobs. If the coronavirus epidemic is not over by then, how can you protect […]

  • 7 Things to Know about Disinfection during Coronavirus Epidemic

    Date:2020-4-21 Author:Cordelia

    Now it’s the critical period to fight COVID-19 epidemic. In addition to staying at home as far as possible, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ensuring good ventilation, experts also recommend sterilizing cell phone screens, computer keyboards, door knobs, faucets, and keys to prevent the virus from spreading indirectly. Novel coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet light […]

  • 5 Notes for Working from Home under the Coronavirus Situation

    Date:2020-4-20 Author:Cordelia

    Now the Coronavirus outbreak is so severe that many public places have been closed to prevent people from gathering. In this situation, many people are also required to work from home just as they’ve imagined before. It seems great that you can deal with work at home, eat and rest at home, without the need […]