How to Protect Eyes for People Who Work on Computers

Date:2019-10-8 Author:Cordelia

Along with the popularity of working on computers, many office workers are suffering from the symptoms like dry eyes, shedding tears and blurred vision. If we can’t avoid using computers frequently, how can we protect our eyes in working hours?

1. Sit Properly

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For sedentary people, a good posture is not only good for eyes, but also protect you from cervical spondylosis and spinal deformity.

Next time you open the computer, try straightening your upper body and making the computer screen below the line of sight 10 to 20 cm.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes from it 60 to 70 cm away.

2. Blink More Often

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People who are using computers or watching televisions tend to blink less, especially when they are intently focused on the screen.

Therefore, it’s important to remind yourself of blinking, which can make your eyes secreting tears and keep in moist, thereby alleviate dry eyes effectively

3. Roll Your Eyes

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It’s may not appropriate to make big movements in office, but at least you can move your eyes.

Looking up while exhaling, then move your eyes to the middle and take a breath. Repeat this process for 3 times; Looking down while breathing out, then move your eyes back to the middle and take a breath. Repeat it for 3 times as well.

After that, you can look left and right in the same way.

4. Eye Massage

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After reading a complicated document or having a long meeting, it can quickly relieve the fatigue to give yourself an eye massage.

Using your thumb of both hands to gently rub the place under the brows and the outer-upper corner of the eye sockets. Alternately, you can also use forefinger and middle finger pulp to press your eyebrow arches from the inner side to outer side, then knead the temples lightly. Repeat this process for 5 to 6 times.

If you stick with it for a long time and make it a daily habit, you’ll see an obvious effect of relieving the eye fatigue and even improve your eyesight.

5. Look Far into the Distance

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A good combination of work and rest can greatly boost your efficiency. So, it’s better to leave the desk and let your eyes rest for a while after using the computer for about 1 hour.

Overlooking the distant landscape can adjust your eye ciliary muscle and keep it from spasmodic state. Besides, the beautiful scenery outside the window can also naturally soothe your mood.

6. Adjust the Display Setting

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In addition to above points, the display setting of your computer is also an important factor of eye protecting.

To reduce the harm of facing the computer in a long time, you can adjust the brightness and saturation of the screen appropriately, making it neither too dim nor too dazzling.

Similarly, you can also change the interface or background color of some programs like Excel or Word to protect your eyes.

7. Eat Deep-sea Fish

Deep-sea fish like cod is rich in DHA, which is very good for preventing the formation of cataracts and protecting the retina. Moreover, eating carrots and animal livers frequently can also effectively protect your eyes with the antioxidant effect of Vitamin A.

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