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  • How to Repair or Uninstall Apps in Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-23 Author:Cordelia

    It’s normal to repair or uninstall an app in your computer if it isn’t running well, and generally you can find the uninstall file in the installation folder. But if you can’t find the installation location, or simply don’t want to bother to search for it, you can actually manage these apps in your computer […]

  • Choose Apps to Show Quick Status on the Lock Screen of Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-25 Author:Olivia

    Every time you start your Windows 10 computer, quick status settings will appear on the lock screen to show you what’s what, and you can also choose which apps could show quick status, detailed status and notifications on the lock screen of Windows 10. In this post, I’ll introduce the simply and practical method of […]