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Archiver: 2020 March 11

  • How to Customize Broadcasting in Windows 10

    Date:2020-3-11 Author:Olivia

    The big update for Windows 10 offers a better experience for your games, but we still need to make some adjustments according to our own needs. In this tutorial, I’ll share how to customize broadcasting in Windows 10 PC, so you can control how your game appears when you broadcast. 1. Click Start icon at […]

  • How to Loop an Animation Effect in Microsoft PowerPoint

    Date:2020-3-11 Author:Cordelia

    When you add an animation in PowerPoint presentation, you may want it to disappear when it’s over, or play repeatedly on the slide as an accessory. For the latter, how to make it happen specifically? 1. To add an animaiton, you should select specific text or shape at first. 2. Go to Animations tab, click […]