• How to Change the Orientation of a Single Page in Word

    Date:2020-3-28 Author:Cordelia

    It’s not difficult to rotate all the pages in Word document. But sometimes you may only need to change the orientation of a single page for typesetting purpose. How can you do it? 1. First, put the cursor behind of the last character on the previous page of the page you want to rotate. Click […]

  • How to Set Page Landscape in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-3-15 Author:Olivia

    When you are editing with Microsoft Word, this could happen that there are several pages in the single document, but only one of them needs to be displayed in landscape orientation. It might sound complicated, but you can set page landscape with a few simple steps. 1. Go to Layout tab, find Page Setup group […]

  • How to Recover an Unsaved Word Document

    Date:2020-3-14 Author:Cordelia

    We all know it’s important to save a document every now and then just in case. But emergencies like power outage, switch trip, system halted will never alert people in advance. What if these situations happen to us all of a sudden? How can we recover an unsaved document in Word? Well, there’s an effective […]

  • How to Insert a Caption for an Image in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-3-8 Author:Olivia

    When you have too many images in the document, it is necessary to insert captions to them, which could make the document more organized and enhance the connection between text and images. So how can we achieve it? Here’s a simple guide to insert a caption for an image. 1. Select the image you want […]

  • How to Change the Background of Word

    Date:2020-3-7 Author:Cordelia

    Tired of watching the same blank background of your Word? Want to add some personal style to your writing? It could be kind of refreshing to change a new background for Word. 1.  Go to Design tab, click Page Color in Page Background section. 2. You can choose a background color in the list of […]

  • How to Turn Off Start Screen When Application Starts in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-2-23 Author:Olivia

    When you start to edit a new document, it will open with a lot of templates to choose from and a list of your recent documents. If you’d rather go straight to a blank document every time, here is tip that you can turn off start screen when application starts. 1. Go to File tab […]

  • How to View Multiple Pages at Once in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-2-5 Author:Olivia

    Word displays only one page of the document on the screen by default. If you want to optimize the layout of each page, control the page numbers of document or check the position of charts and images, it is necessary to take a panoramic view of the situation. Especially when you have a lot contents […]

  • How to Clear the Contents of the Clipboard in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-2-4 Author:Olivia

    When you collect too many items on the clipboard, they could take up a lot of system space and you might get an error says that the clipboard is full. But do you know how to clear contents of clipboard in Microsoft Word? The method is also simple. 1. Go to Home tab and click […]

  • How to Insert and Delete a Footnote in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-2-3 Author:Olivia

    When editing a document, you can insert a footnote to explain or provide references to something you’ve mentioned in the document. Usually, footnotes are displayed at the bottom of the page, and a document may have multiple footnotes if needed. Here I’ d like to share the tip of how to insert and delete a […]

  • How to Format Images in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-2-3 Author:Olivia

    There are many methods to format images in Microsoft Word. For example, you can change the shape of an image to suit your document better, and also enhance its appearance by using adjustment tools. Here I’d like to share three of them. Method 1. Crop an image to a shape 1. Select the image you […]