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  • How to Set Default Paste Option in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-11-10 Author:Olivia

    We all know that the shortcuts for paste is Ctrl + V by default, but when pasting chores involving foreign sources, such as the Internet, usually require extra steps because you can’t just use the same way. In this case, here I’d like to give a simple guide of how to set default paste option […]

  • How to Insert a Copyright Symbol in Word 2016

    Date:2019-11-9 Author:Olivia

    You can easily insert hundreds of symbols into Word document, and two of the most commonly-inserted are copyright symbol and trademark symbol. I have introduced the method of the latter. Now let’s take a look at the way you can insert the former into Word 2016. 1. Position the cursor after text, go to Insert […]

  • How to Stop the Automatic Update of Windows 10 on Your Computer

    Date:2019-11-7 Author:Cordelia

    The Windows 10 update is automatically implemented by default, which is good for people who likes to keep everything up to date, but also can be a trouble for those who are satisfied with the status quo and don’t want to change it. So, how to completely stop the automatic update of Windows 10? 1. […]

  • How to Adjust the Space between Characters in MS Word

    Date:2019-11-3 Author:Cordelia

    In order to meet the demand of some specific documents, or simply make the layout more artistic, sometimes you may need to adjust the space between characters in Microsoft Word. 1. Resembling the method of changing paragraph spacing, select the text you want to adjust and right-click your mouse. Then choose Font… in the menu. […]

  • How to Start Page Numbering from the Third Page in Word

    Date:2019-10-31 Author:Cordelia

    If you are working on a paper, you probably don’t need page numbers on the first two pages (which should be description and catalog), but want to start numbering from the third page. So how to do it? Can you insert pages numbers from the middle of a Word document? For this purpose, you can […]

  • How to Insert or Delete a Comment to Specific Text in Word

    Date:2019-10-30 Author:Cordelia

    While checking a document in Word, it’s common to insert comments to the sentences which need to be improved. Thus others could apprehend your suggestions directly and knows how to modify the document. 1. To insert a comment, select the text you want to comment on, then choose the Review tab and click New Comment […]

  • How to Apply Shading to Words or Paragaphs in Word

    Date:2019-10-30 Author:Olivia

    In order to stand out some important information in Word document, you can apply shading to words or paragraphs. The method is similar with highlighting, but it is a little different from it, which has a very limited choice of colors. In this post, I’ll make a quick introduction to the way of shading words […]

  • How to Hide Images (Pictures) in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-10-29 Author:Olivia

    You might want hide a few images (pictures) in MS Word for a class testing or a better reading experience. If you receive a document with strange blank, try the following steps and restore all hidden images (pictures). 1. Select the image (picture) which you want to hide. 2. Go to Format tab that is […]

  • How to Copy a Table from Microsoft Word to Excel Perfectly

    Date:2019-10-29 Author:Cordelia

    Copying a ready-made Word table to Excel may lead to some unexpected mistakes and takes a lot of your time to re-edit it. So is there a way to perfectly copy Word tables to Excel without splitting cells nor disturbing the order? 1. As an example, I open a new document in Word and create a […]

  • How to Capture a Screenshot with Microsoft Office Apps

    Date:2019-10-29 Author:Cordelia

    Addition to those screenshot tools on the market, do you know Microsoft Office itself has the function of capturing pictures? No matter in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can always find the “Screenshot” button. 1. Go to Insert tab and click Screenshot. 2. There are 2 modes of capturing pictures. In Available Windows you can see […]