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  • How to Adjust the Sensitivity of You Mouse Pointer in Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-21 Author:Cordelia

    Mouse is a commonly used computer input device, and different people usually has different needs for it in daily use. Some people may want the mouse to be more sensitive and so that easier to operate, while some other people want it to be less sensitive and less likely to lead to misoperation. In fact, […]

  • How to Create a PIN to Your Account on Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-16 Author:Olivia

    With each new version of Windows, new and innovative features are improving the total user experience in different ways. You are probably used to signing in to your Windows computer with a password. However, a PIN lock may be a more secure option. With just a little bit of work, you can create a PIN […]

  • How to Synchronize Your Computer Time with the Internet Time

    Date:2020-1-13 Author:Cordelia

    Sometimes you may find the date & time on your computer is different from the Internet time, which can cause some inconveniences such as failing to snap up something at a specific time. To make you time in accordance with the Internet time server, you don’t need to adjust it manually every now and then. […]

  • How to Export Registry File on Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-10 Author:Olivia

    The Registry is where all of the magic happens in Windows. It is the database and hierarchical structure that stores all of Windows settings, configurations. Before working in the Windows Registry, it is always a good idea to back it up first, so that you have the option of restoration, should something go wrong. But […]

  • How to Enable and Customize the Narrator in Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-10 Author:Cordelia

    Narrator is a screen reader that describes what’s on your screen so you can use the information to navigate your device. It can be controlled by keyboard, touch and mouse. I’ll introduce how to enable and customize it on Windows 10 in this post. 1. Click Start button, choose Settings and hit Ease of Access […]

  • How to Reset Photo Application on Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-9 Author:Olivia

    If you have a Photo Application not working issue, then there is a handful of troubleshooting tips that you can go through and get it to function correctly. So without any further ado, let’s check how to reset Photo Application on Windows 10. 1. Click Start icon at the bottom left of the screen, next […]

  • How to Remove Input Languages on Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-8 Author:Olivia

    Many people type in more than one language on their computers with Windows 10, and if you want to know how to get rid of one of the extra input languages now, we might help you out with this tutorial though. 1. Right-click the input icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and […]

  • AOMEI Backupper 5.5 Review – Free and Powerful Backup Software

    Date:2020-1-8 Author:Cordelia

    No matter in daily life or at work, computer has become an inseparable partner of yours. More and more people are used to storing all kinds of important pictures, documents, files and software on their computers. However, it is difficult to guarantee that the data won’t be lost when the unexpected happens. You may find […]

  • Infrared Wireless Technology on Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-7 Author:Olivia

    Early PCs used Infrared Wireless Technology to connect with devices like cameras and smartphones, but nowadays, the newer computers and mobile devices use Bluetooth Wireless Technology. If you want to learn about it, we might help you out with this tutorial though. 1. Press shortcuts [Win]+[R] on your keyboard to open Run dialog box, next […]

  • How to Change Default Output Device on Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-7 Author:Olivia

    Windows 10 has been added the ability to change the output device with the Settings app. When connecting speakers, headphones, or other audio devices to your PC, you can select which device you want to use by default. So how can we achieve it? Here’s a simple guide. 1. Click Start icon at the bottom […]