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  • How to Disable or Enable the Startup Programs in Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-20 Author:Cordelia

    Now a lot of computer software tend to boot up automatically upon system start. It will be more convenient for you to use their features but also greatly slow down the boot speed. So the first thing you can do to optimize the starting speed is to disable the unwanted startup programs. Here’s how to […]

  • How to Turn On Night Light Mode of Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-19 Author:Olivia

    Using computers at night is very harmful to our eyes, but sometimes it’s inevitable because of work. Thankfully, if your computer is on windows10, you can consider turning on the night light mode to use the computer to help you fall asleep after a long night of web surfing. 1. Click Start icon at the […]

  • How to Turn On or Off Airplane Mode on Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-19 Author:Olivia

    Airplane mode is a useful feature to turn off all wireless communication on your computer, especially when you’re on an airplane, you can turn it on so that you can use the laptop or tablet while flying, and turn it off when you no longer need it. Here is how you use it and the […]

  • How to Delete Windows.old Folder after Update in Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-19 Author:Cordelia

    If you find the C disk suddenly out of space after updating Windows, the reason may be the Windows,old folder, which contains the old files of the previous version. You can choose to delete it if you have no intention to go back to the previous version, of course. But the truth is you can’t […]

  • How to Change Lock Screen Picture on Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-18 Author:Olivia

    The built-in lock screen pictures on Windows 10 might not reveal your personality, and have you ever thought about changing it, especially when coming across a picture that you really like or a photo you snapped while traveling? In this post, let’s take a look at the tip as below: 1. Right-click on a blank […]

  • How to Disable Built-in Ads from Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-18 Author:Olivia

    The built-in ads from Windows 10 might affect the user experience, especially for those who work with the operating system on a daily basis. Fortunately, Windows 10 let you disable these ads, and this post will introduce where to go to find and turn off the related switch. 1. Right-click on a blank space on […]

  • How to Clear the Browsing Data in Google Chrome

    Date:2019-11-18 Author:Cordelia

    After surfing the web with a browser like Google Chrome, your browsing history as well cookies, cache, etc. will be automatically saved on your computer and gradually slows it down. Therefore, it’s necessary to clear the browsing data every now and then. 1. Open Chrome, click the icon of three small dots on the top-right […]

  • How to Change the Sign-in Password to Your Computer Account

    Date:2019-11-15 Author:Olivia

    We’ve share the method to add the sign-in password to your computer account, but what if you suspect someone has your password, or the current password is too complex or simple which don’t meet your needs? Actually you can change it through the following method: 1. Click Start icon at the bottom left of the […]

  • How to Lock Your Computer Screen of Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-15 Author:Olivia

    No matter whether you have a laptop or desktop, it’s important to use the Windows 10 lock screen feature to lock the system down and keep it safe from peeping and tampering, especially in the workplace. Here I’d like to introduce two practical methods: Method 1: Shortcuts 1. Press [ Win ] + [ L […]

  • How to Change the Display Resolution of Your Computer

    Date:2019-11-15 Author:Cordelia

    The display resolution of a computer is very important, since it influences the visual effect of everything on the screen. To get the best experience, you may need to adjust the display resolution every now and then. Here’s a simple guide based on Windows 10. Normally, there are 2 approaches to enter the Display setting. […]