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  • How to Create an Inverted Histogram in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2020-3-22 Author:Olivia

    We have shared the method to make a histogram in Excel in previous post, but sometimes you might need to personalize it for special display purpose. Just follow these steps and let’s see how to create an inverted histogram in Microsoft Excel. 1. You got an original histogram in Excel worksheet, and here I take […]

  • How to Check Correctness of Words in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2020-3-1 Author:Olivia

    Hate to do error checking? Too many words to check? Is there a method to check correctness of words in a quick way? Here’s a simple guide for you to built a perfect worksheet in Microsoft Excel without any mistake. Below is a sample of worksheet in Excel, and there are spelling mistakes in every […]

  • How to Merge Multiple Cells in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2020-2-15 Author:Olivia

    While making a form in Excel, a header which takes up the width of several cells is often needed. If we have no space to add a new one, the only way may be merging existing cells. Let’s see how to merge multiple cells in Microsoft Excel. 1. Select all cells you want to merge. […]

  • 2 Tips of How to Switch Between Multiple Worksheets Quickly in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2020-2-9 Author:Olivia

    While dealing with many worksheets at the same time, you will certainly need to switch between them. If you know how to switch between multiple worksheets quickly, it could definitely save a lot of time and avoid possible mistakes. Here I’ d like to share two tips of it. Tip 1. Switch Windows in View […]

  • How to Move a Chart in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2020-2-5 Author:Olivia

    I’ve shared the tip of how to create a histogram in previous post, but you might have a situation that other sheet need the same chart. When there is too much data, reworking the chart can be a waste of time. Is there a solution? Here I’d like to give a simple guide of how […]

  • How to Insert a Radar Chart in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2020-2-4 Author:Olivia

    We’ve already shared the tip of how to insert line chart, pie chart and histogram in Excel, but sometimes they cannot meet the needs of data analysis. Here is another type——radar chart, which is equivalent to a parallel coordinates plot, with the axes arranged radially, and also a useful way to display multivariate observations with […]

  • How to Calculate Summation in Same or Separate Sequence in Excel

    Date:2019-12-4 Author:Olivia

    If you need to calculate summation of numbers, let Excel do it for you. It might be easy when it’s in same sequence but a little bit difficult in separate sequence. So let’s take a look at the tip you can complete it in a simple way. In Same Sequence 1. Drag to select numbers […]

  • How to Set the Default Font and Size in Excel

    Date:2019-11-24 Author:Olivia

    You may want to set the default font and size once for all, because it can help to make your workbooks more readable when they are printed. If you are one of those users, who desire to change the default font and size, and select one that better suits your needs, then this post will […]

  • How to Create a Horizontal Bullet List in Excel

    Date:2019-11-17 Author:Olivia

    Excel comes with a variety of formatting and layout tools to enable you to get work file looking their best and to put across ideas effectively. In the case of bulleted lists, the icon in the SmartArt section lets you define the bullet style and created nested lists. Here I’d like to give a simple […]

  • How to Set Decimal Places in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2019-11-1 Author:Olivia

    Numbers are displayed with no decimals by default in Excel, but some data need to be set decimal places as the work requirements. So how can we achieve it? The method is simple to follow: 1. Select the data which you want to set decimal places. 2. Go to Home tab, find Number group and […]