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  • How to Create a Countdown Animation in PowerPoint

    Date:2020-1-20 Author:Cordelia

    To make your PowerPoint presentation more lively and attractive, it’s a good idea to add some animation effects. For example, a countdown animation can draw people’s attention and make them wonder what’s coming next. So in this post, I’d like to introduce to create a simple countdown animation in Microsoft PowerPoint. 1. Open PowerPoint, create […]

  • How to Customize the Motion Path for Specific Text in PowerPoint

    Date:2020-1-17 Author:Cordelia

    In PowerPoint presentations, plain text content can be very monotonous. To make the slides more vivid, attractive, one thing you to do is adding animation effect such as creating a motion path for the text. And in addition to some preset paths, you can actually draw your own motion path and make the text follow […]

  • How to Merge Two or Multiple PowerPoint Presentations

    Date:2020-1-16 Author:Cordelia

    If there are 2 or even more related PowerPoint presentations, and you want to merge them into one to make the presentation more informative, there’s a simple method to insert the slides from different files. 1. Open PowerPoint and create a new blank presentation. 2. Click Home > New Slide > Reuse Slides… 3. Hit […]

  • How to Quick Save All the PowerPoint Slide as Image Files

    Date:2019-12-18 Author:Cordelia

    PowerPoint presentation is very expressive and convincing to show your plan or point of view, but it can only be viewed through Microsoft PowerPoint. And there’s a chance that your work being tampered by others. To avoid this situation, you can save all the slides as images, the choice of format is yours. 1. Open […]

  • How to Compress PowerPoint Presentations

    Date:2019-12-15 Author:Olivia

    If you have inserted lots of images in your PowerPoint presentation, it might have problem in sharing, emailing and speedy running. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by following the steps – compress PowerPoint presentation. 1. Select an image which you want to compress, go to Format tab and find Adjust group, then click […]

  • How to Record Slide Shows in PowerPoint

    Date:2019-11-11 Author:Olivia

    In previous post, I’ve already shared the tip to insert video in PPT presentation. You can also make a recording of slide shows, then it becomes a video that your audience can watch in PowerPoint after the it has been presented. So how can we achieve it? Here’s a simple guide. 1. Open your PPT […]

  • How to Show or Hide Ruler in PowerPoint

    Date:2019-11-11 Author:Olivia

    If you want the content to line up properly, then ruler is an important tool in PowerPoint. By default, it is turned off when you first open PPT presentation. So how could we turn the ruler on or hide it when not needed? In this post, I will share some simple methods. Method 1: View […]

  • How to Insert Current Date and Time in PowerPoint

    Date:2019-11-5 Author:Olivia

    Microsoft PowerPoint has the feature which let us insert current date and time into slides. You can set them automatically updated according to your computer’s clock or stay fixed until you change them. So how do we achieve it? Here is a simply guide. 1. Insert a new slide, go to Insert tab, find Text […]

  • How to Capture a Screenshot with Microsoft Office Apps

    Date:2019-10-29 Author:Cordelia

    Addition to those screenshot tools on the market, do you know Microsoft Office itself has the function of capturing pictures? No matter in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you can always find the “Screenshot” button. 1. Go to Insert tab and click Screenshot. 2. There are 2 modes of capturing pictures. In Available Windows you can see […]

  • How to Loop a PowerPoint Presentation Continuously

    Date:2019-10-25 Author:Olivia

    Want your PowerPoint presentation to loop continuously? Thus it can run unattended in a booth or kiosk, you do even need a live presenter. This is common when you are creating a display in a store, or for a trade show or convention. In this post, let’s learn how to keep on showing the slides […]