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Tags:batch delete

  • How To Batch Delete English In Word Document

    Date:2021-11-26 Author:Sandra

    In our last tutorial, we already know how to batch delete Chinese in Word. So, how to delete English in batches and leave only Chinese? The method today is similar to the last tutorial. We actually do not delete all the English Words or sentences, we just replace text. So press Ctrl and H to […]

  • How To Batch Delete Chinese In Word Document

    Date:2021-11-22 Author:Sandra

    More and more people all over the world are learning Chinese. Many countries have even incorporated Chinese into the national education system and set it up as an examination subject. If you are also learning Chinese, this Word skill really needs to be mastered. When you are learning Chinese, you can look at the Chinese […]

  • How to Batch Delete Numbers in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-10-26 Author:Olivia

    When editing a document in Word, sometimes we may want to remove the unwantted numbers in it, but deleting them one by one can be very time-consuming. Can we delete all the numbers of Word document in batch? There’s a very simple method. 1. First, go to Home tab and click Replace in Editing section, […]

  • The Quickest Way to Batch Delete Section Break in Word

    Date:2019-10-18 Author:Cordelia

    Have you ever seen a document full of section breaks and page breaks without any regularity? You may try hard to edit it manually till the document finally looks nice, but the whole process cost too much time. Is there any way to delete those useless section breaks in batch? 1. Fortunately, I’ve found the […]

  • How to Batch Delete Blank Cells in Excel

    Date:2019-10-14 Author:Cordelia

    What would you do if you find some unwanted blanks in Excel sheet? Deleting them one by one is obviously a waste of time. Is there any quick way to remove all the blank cells at once? Well, the Go To feature of Excel may help you. 1. First of all, select the whole sheet. […]

  • How to Batch Delete All the Pictures in Word

    Date:2019-7-24 Author:Cordelia

    We already know the way to batch save all the pictures in a Word document. But how to delete all the pictures if you prefer a document with plain text? It’s very simple as well. Just open the file, press Ctrl+H to call out the Find and Replace feature. Then click More to enable advanced […]