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Tags:blank cells

  • How to Use the COUNTBLANK Function in Excel?

    Date:2021-12-21 Author:Sandra

    Have you ever used COUNTBLANK Function? Do you know how to use it. today’s tutorial is about COUNTBLANK Function. You can use this function to get the total number of blank cells. Formula: =COUNTBLANK (range) Range refers to the range of cells in which we want to count blank cells. Let’s take an example. The […]

  • How to Batch Delete Blank Cells in Excel

    Date:2019-10-14 Author:Cordelia

    What would you do if you find some unwanted blanks in Excel sheet? Deleting them one by one is obviously a waste of time. Is there any quick way to remove all the blank cells at once? Well, the Go To feature of Excel may help you. 1. First of all, select the whole sheet. […]