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  • How to Remove the Background of Pictures Quickly in MS Word

    Date:2019-12-31 Author:Cordelia

    For a picture inserted in Word document, you may just want the foreground or main part of it. For this situation, you can find tons of third-party tools on the market to help you get rid of the background. But it’s also a headache to make the choice and pay for it. So, why not […]

  • How to Fix the Incomplete Displaying of Pictures in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-10-24 Author:Cordelia

    When using Microsoft Word in daily work, a strange problem occasionally occur that the copied or inserted picture can’t show completely in Word document. It’s may not due to the network conditions nor the picture size. In fact, if you tried multiple pictures and all of them can’t be fully displayed, the reason is most […]

  • How to Lock Inserted Pictures to Excel Cells

    Date:2019-10-7 Author:Cordelia

    When you use Excel to make a products list or personnel information table, inserting pictures can make it more informative. But if the inserted pictures can’t be locked to the cells, they’ll stay the same even when you make changes to the cells, which is quite frustrating. So, can we just lock the images to […]

  • How to Change and Remove the Background of Word Documents

    Date:2019-9-13 Author:Cordelia

    After a long time writing with Microsoft Word, your eyes may already tired of the default blank page. To refresh yourself , you can insert a picture as the background of Word document. How to Change Background Color of Word 1. Go to Design tab. 2. Click Page Color in Page Background section. 3. You […]

  • How to Add Text on Top of A picture in Excel

    Date:2019-9-2 Author:Cordelia

    You may insert pictures to Excel spreadsheets a lot and have been already familiar with the steps. But out of the need for designing or processing data, it has a chance to require you to add text on top a picture. Here’s a simple guide to achieve this goal. Click Insert – Pictures and select […]