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  • How to Create a Horizontal Bullet List in Excel

    Date:2019-11-17 Author:Olivia

    Excel comes with a variety of formatting and layout tools to enable you to get work file looking their best and to put across ideas effectively. In the case of bulleted lists, the icon in the SmartArt section lets you define the bullet style and created nested lists. Here I’d like to give a simple […]

  • How to Insert Multiple Rows or Columns in Excel Spreadsheet

    Date:2019-11-12 Author:Cordelia

    If you want to insert more than one row or column at a time in Excel, the method is much like the way you add single row or column to your sheet. 1. To insert more than one rows, you can select multiple rows of cells below the place where you want to insert rows. […]

  • How to Insert Comments to Specific Cells in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2019-11-2 Author:Cordelia

    The way to insert comments to Excel cells is not much different from adding comments to Word document. You can also inform others your thoughts about specific cells in this way. Let’s see the detailed steps. 1. Click the cell you want to add a comment. Then switch to Review tab and click New Comment. […]

  • How to Set Decimal Places in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2019-11-1 Author:Olivia

    Numbers are displayed with no decimals by default in Excel, but some data need to be set decimal places as the work requirements. So how can we achieve it? The method is simple to follow: 1. Select the data which you want to set decimal places. 2. Go to Home tab, find Number group and […]

  • How to Convert Decimal Number to Binary Number in Excel

    Date:2019-11-1 Author:Olivia

    Have you ever been bothered by how to convert decimal number to binary number? Fortunately, Microsoft Excel allows to complete the conversion in a simple but effective method. Here is how you can do it: 1. Enter all data of Decimal Number, and select the first row of Binary Number. 2. Go to Formulas tab […]

  • How to Co-edit an Excel Workbooks with Multiple People

    Date:2019-11-1 Author:Cordelia

    Processing data with Excel is not always an independent work. Sometimes it may be unavoidable to co-edit a workbook with multiple people for collecting more complete information and reaching a higher efficiency. So how to make an Excel file editable for more than one users? 1. Open the file you want to share, switch to Review […]

  • How to Calculate Ages from Birthdate Automatically in Excel

    Date:2019-10-31 Author:Cordelia

    You may already know how to do simple calculations like summating and averaging in Excel. In fact, you can also use Excel formulas to solve some more practical problems. For example, if you’re registering the employees’ ages, but the only data you got are their birthdates, can you calculate their ages using Excel formula? The […]

  • How to Automatically Record the Data Entry Time in Excel

    Date:2019-10-31 Author:Cordelia

    When making some financial or warehouse forms in Excel, we often need to record the time of entering different batches of data separately. And it can be very time-consuming if we do it manually. So, is there a way to record the data entry time in Excel automatically? Like the answer to many other questions, […]

  • How to Calculate the Average Value of Data with Excel Function

    Date:2019-10-30 Author:Cordelia

    Calculating the average value is a very common way to analyze data in Excel. To do the computations accurately and also rapidly, you can use Excel function to calculate mulitple, or even an entire column of data. Here’s the basic approach to use AVERAGE functin. 1. Select the E2 cell, Click Formulas – AutoSum – […]

  • How to Copy a Table from Microsoft Word to Excel Perfectly

    Date:2019-10-29 Author:Cordelia

    Copying a ready-made Word table to Excel may lead to some unexpected mistakes and takes a lot of your time to re-edit it. So is there a way to perfectly copy Word tables to Excel without splitting cells nor disturbing the order? 1. As an example, I open a new document in Word and create a […]