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Categories: Excel Tips

  • The Excel Developer Tutorial

    Date:2020-10-26 Author:Sandra

    We need to use various commands included in the developer tool. By default, the developer tool option is hidden, you may need to manually enable it. After enabling it for the first time, this tab will be displayed by itself every time you open a file. Enable Developer We just need to right-click on a […]

  • 8 Super Practical Skills of the Alt Key in Excel

    Date:2020-10-23 Author:Sandra

    We all know that the Alt key is a very useful shortcut key in our daily work. In fact, the Alt key is also very easy to use in Excel. Today the author will share with you eleven tricks of this shortcut. Hurry up and learn! 1. Move Cells or Tables Quickly We can use […]

  • 10 Basic Concepts in Excel VBA

    Date:2020-10-21 Author:Sandra

    Before we manipulate the VBA code, we should have a preliminary understanding of some concepts in Excel VBA, which will help us learn Excel VBA well. If we count the concepts in VBA, it is estimated that we will not be able to finish it in 10 articles. Therefore, only the most basic concepts will […]

  • Excel VBA Detailed Tutorial: from Entry to Master

    Date:2020-10-19 Author:Sandra

    Among the many parts in Excel, VBA is the most important and difficult part to learn. VBA can achieve almost any function, from simple data processing, to batch data analysis, and interaction with other Office software, and even interaction with the operating system to achieve complex functions, VBA can almost do it. So what is […]

  • How to Convert a Picture Table to Excel

    Date:2020-10-14 Author:Sandra

    Have you ever had this kind of experience at work? You need to make a table of paper or pictures into Excel. Are you typing little by little in Excel? This is too much trouble. Today, the author will share with you two useful websites. These two websites can recognize the picture table into the Excel table. This can […]

  • Nine Common Function Formulas in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2020-10-9 Author:Sandra

    Familiar with Excel function formulas can help us to complete work more quickly and efficiently when processing data. For ordinary people, they only need to master some commonly used formulas and complete daily office work. Today, the author will share with you a few simple and practical function formulas. 1. Rank Function =RANK(F2,F:F) This function […]

  • Ten Useful Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    Date:2020-9-28 Author:Sandra

    Familiar with the shortcut keys in Excel can make our work more efficient. We all know that Excel has a lot of shortcut keys. But today the author will share you ten very useful shortcuts. Each one is super easy to use. You’d better learn it! 1. Percentage Format Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + Shift + […]

  • Methods To Insert Euqal Approximately Symbol

    Date:2020-8-6 Author:Suzanne Horry

    When we have to insert some special symbols in Excel, but there is no shortcut key for us to use. The article will show 2 methods to help you find these special symbols. Let’s take equal approximately symbol as an example. Method 1: Insert Approximately Equal Symbol First, open the form you want to edit. […]

  • How to Sort Data by Font Color in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2020-7-14 Author:Olivia

    When editing a worksheet, sometimes you might change the color of the font to make the it more readable. And in some cases, like analyzing monthly sales data, you need to sort data by font color in Excel, which could help to understand your data better, quickly find what you want and make more effective […]

  • How to Compare Two Excel Worksheets Side by Side

    Date:2020-7-12 Author:Cordelia

    If you want to compare two worksheets with similar or related data, switching to one window then switching back is apparently not the best idea. Let the two worksheets both display on the screen side by side. You can make a more intuitive and convenient comparison. You may know that Windows already have the feature […]