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  • Cool Excel Tricks You Should Know

    Date:2023-2-24 Author:Sandra

    The usage of shortcut keys or Excel functions may be the main tricks you guys want to learn. But some cool Excel tricks and tips would be interesting or not so humdrum. Let’s get started. No.1 Cut and paste. Here is a worksheet. Highlight the area A4:C4. Then click on the border to move your […]

  • How To Use Match Function In Microsoft Excel

    Date:2023-2-20 Author:Sandra

    Excel functions can help us to improve our work efficiency a lot. In today’s tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the match function in Microsoft Excel. The Match function searches for a specific item in a range of cells.  and then returns the relative position of that item in the range. Syntax: MATCH(lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type]) […]

  • How to Set File Path in Excel?

    Date:2023-2-11 Author:Sandra

    There’s an awesome tutorial for today! We can set file path in Excel. Many people aren’t familiar with this. So, let’s get started. Step 1 Open a new Excel worksheet. Step 2 Get Data form folder. Step 3 Delete several columns. Keep the name and folder columns, then remove the other columns. Click on the […]

  • Learn To Use F5 Key In Microsoft Excel Often

    Date:2023-1-22 Author:Sandra

    Using shortcuts can help us greatly improve our work efficiency. There are many kinds of shortcuts, F5 is one of the most useful but often overlooked shortcuts. Pressing the F5 key will display the “Go To” dialog box. The small box can help us solve 7 kinds of Problems easily. No.1 Inserts Blank Rows By […]

  • How to Replace in Excel Properly?

    Date:2023-1-7 Author:Sandra

    Excel’s Find and Replace commands could help us a lot. When you have a word or number you need to find somewhere or replace some content in your worksheet. Sometimes, we need to replace in Excel properly. Here is a grade table. Three students all got zero for missing the test. How to replace these […]

  • How to Extract Numbers from Cells in Excel

    Date:2022-12-20 Author:Sandra

    In our previous tutorial, we learned how to extract numbers from text in Excel cells. In our today’s sharing, we’ll keep learning something about this. That’s how to extract numbers from cells in Excel. We can do this in a very easy way. let’s check this out. Looking at this screenshot, in these 18 cells, […]

  • How to Underline Blank Space After Text in Excel?

    Date:2022-12-16 Author:Sandra

    Sometimes we need to print an Excel worksheet and sign on it. So, underlining blank space after the text is essential. in our today’s tutorial, we are going to learn a method to quickly underline blank space after text in Excel. Looking at this screenshot. Now we need to underline blank space after text “name, […]

  • How to Change Excel Sheet from Right to Left?

    Date:2022-12-2 Author:Sandra

    The Excel sheet direction is from left to right by default. But you can change the Excel sheet from right to left if required. There is an easy way can do this in seconds. Here is a fruit price table. Now we go to the File tab from the ribbon and click on the options […]

  • How to Automatically Replace Text in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2022-11-24 Author:Sandra

    If you are always typing your company name repeatedly, or a very long name in Excel. You can actually use a very quick way to avoid typing repeatedly. Go To File And Choose Options. Select Proofing in the list and click on AutoCorrect Options. For example, if we want to get ‘My Office Tricks’ quickly, we […]

  • How to Print Large Excel Sheets?

    Date:2022-11-16 Author:Sandra

    We can print a long Excel sheet into several pages, but how to print a wide Excel sheet on one page? Here is a fruit price table. Now we select the table area and press Ctrl and P to print it. There is no doubt that the table is too wide to print completely. It […]