How to Use Keyboard As Mouse?

Date:2023-2-7 Author:Sandra

How to do when you don’t take your mouse or your mouse is broken? Actually, the keyboard can be used as a mouse. So how to use the keyboard as mouse?

Press the Alt+Shift+Num Lock keys

Press these three keys to quickly open the Mouse Keys window then hit Yes. By default, the cursor is on the Yes button. You can just press Enter key to activate Mouse Keys.

This function can help you to control mouse pointer by using the numberic keypad on your keyboard.

How to Use Keyboard As Mouse?

Now you can control your mouse by the keyboard.

How to Use Keyboard As Mouse?
Key Action
8 Cursor Up
2 Cursor Down
6 Cursor Right
4 Cursor Left
7 Cursor up and left
9 Cursor up and right
3 Cursor down and right
1 Cursor down and left
5 Left-click
+ Double-click Selected
Menu Right-click

You can also set up the pointer speed and acceleration in Mouse Keys in the taskbar.

How to Use Keyboard As Mouse?
How to Use Keyboard As Mouse?
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