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  • 5 Ways to Delete Blank Pages in Word Document

    Date:2020-5-21 Author:Cordelia

    When writting, you may find one or more unwanted blank pages in Word. To delete these blank pages which are useless and do affect the layout of your document. Here are 5 effective solutions you can try: Delete the Blank Page Directly 1. If the blank page is in the end of your Word document, […]

  • How to Delete Files That Need Administrator Authority

    Date:2020-1-24 Author:Cordelia

    When using computers, it’s a common operation to create or delete a specific file. But sometimes you may encounter a situation that the file can just be deleted with administrator privileges. In this case, except for turning to third-party tools, is there any way can help you to successfully delete these files? Here’s a simple […]

  • How to Insert or Delete a Comment to Specific Text in Word

    Date:2019-10-30 Author:Cordelia

    While checking a document in Word, it’s common to insert comments to the sentences which need to be improved. Thus others could apprehend your suggestions directly and knows how to modify the document. 1. To insert a comment, select the text you want to comment on, then choose the Review tab and click New Comment […]