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  • Tip to Quickly Insert Different Types of Lines in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-8-14 Author:Olivia

    Some of you are probably only familiar with how to insert straight line, here I'd like to give a simple guide of inserting other lines, such as double straight line, wavy line, imaginary line and three straight line. 1. Straight Line Enter "-" for three times and press Enter 2. Double Straight Line Enter "=" […]

  • How to Insert Lines in Word Quickly

    Date:2019-7-24 Author:Cordelia

    There're many types of line in Word you can put in the document as a kind of separation. If you tend to use them frequently, it may not be the best way to add lines from the Insert tab every time. Therefore, I'd like to share some easier ways basically don't need mouse clicks. 1. […]