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Archiver: 2020 January 31

  • How to Enable Visual Alerts for Notifications on Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-31 Author:Olivia

    Visual Alerts is a special feature that provides visual notifications for sounds, which is especially helpful to people with hearing impairments that might miss those alerts, or just when you’re listening to music through headphones. In this post, let’s take a look at the tip you can enable visual alerts for notifications on Windows 10. […]

  • 4 Tips to Open Run Dialog Box on Windows 10

    Date:2020-1-31 Author:Olivia

    The Run dialog box in Windows 10 allows you to run quick commands and open files or folders, which is also meant to run programs that you don’t necessarily use that often and you do not have a shortcut to. It may be a system application or a downloaded installation program. Let’s take a look […]