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Archiver: 2020 March 06

  • Windows 10: Change HotKeys to Switch Input Language

    Date:2020-3-6 Author:Olivia

    If there are more than one input languages installed in Windows 10, you can change hotkeys to switch between them as needed. And here we’d like to share the guide to switch input language quickly. 1. Click Start icon at the bottom left of the screen, next click Settings icon in the pop-up window. 2. The Windows Settings dialog box will […]

  • How to Compress the Pictures Inserted in PowerPoint Slides

    Date:2020-3-6 Author:Cordelia

    If you insert many pictures into a PowerPoint presentation to make it more informative and convincing, the file can get very large and less conveniently to transfer. So you may need compressing these pictures to reduce the size of the PPT. 1. Open the PPT, select the image you want to compress and go to […]