3 Fun Team Building Games at Office You Should Try

Date:2019-8-15 Author:Cordelia

3 Fun Team Building Games at Office You Should Try

For those employees who try their best to complete their work, it’s necessary to give them relevant rewards. This reward we are talking about is not just about salary, but also about their mood and the team building. Therefore, I’d like to share several simple and interesting team building games that can be done in the office.

1. Truth and Lies

[Needed Items]:
  • Pen
  • Paper

[How to Play]:

  • Give each member a pen and a piece of paper. Let them write 3 messages down which containing 2 true information and 1 false information. Collect and disturb all of these messages, then distribute to each of members. Ask them to read out the information on their papers and guess who’s the one writing it. Each one has 3 chances to guess.

[Game Purpose]:

  • Let team members get to know each other better

2. Lost


  • A story line
  • Possible difficulties and puzzles in the story

[How to Pay]:

  • Participants will team up freely and each group need to come up with a story of being in danger and getting lost in a deserted island. Each group can carry around 12 items (anything that can be found in office), and they must brain storm together to solve all the problems in the effort to survive.

[Game Purpose]:

  • Improve the ability of each participant to work in team and make decisions.
3. Zombie
[Needed Item]:
  • A rope
  • A key
  • 5-10 clues or riddles

[How to Play]

  • Bring the whole team to the meeting room or a big room to make sure every people can move freely. Choose one of the members in team to play the role as zombie. Tie him or her up in the corner of the room, then shut the door. When game starts, the zombie will be untied and move forward for some distance every 5 minutes. And other members in the team should solve the puzzles and find the hidden key before zombie catching them.

[Game Purpose]:

  • Built team spirit and promote the relationship between co-workers.
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