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Archiver: Sandra

  • How to Create a Voting System in Microsoft Excel?

    Date:2020-11-27 Author:Sandra

    We all know the US election in 2020. Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump to win presidency. The results of this election were obtained through voting by the American people. Ok, let’s end here, we don’t talk about politics, we only talk about Microsoft tips. In addition to the US election, you may also need to […]

  • How to Change the Background Color of the ID Photo in Word?

    Date:2020-11-25 Author:Sandra

    Yes, you did not misread the title, not PS, but Microsoft Word! You can change the background color of your ID photo just in Word document, that’s cool. Ok, let’s get to start this tutorial. Take this cute cartoon girl picture as an example. Step1: Open a Word document and insert this beautiful picture. Step2: […]

  • Useful Excel Tips You Should Know

    Date:2020-11-23 Author:Sandra

    This is a perfect and excellent article If you still use Excel frequently in your work or study, The so-called multi-skills are not pressure. So, today, the author will share some useful Excel tricks. Come and learn! Skill 1:How to Make Your Excel Data More Intuitive? When you first look at this table, can you quickly find the […]

  • VBA Operator Basic Tutorial

    Date:2020-11-20 Author:Sandra

    VBA provides many operators, which can be used to implement complex operations. Today, the author will share the basic operators and operations provided by VBA, and their basic usage. VBA operators can be divided into the following 6 categories: Assignment operator Arithmetic Operator Comparison operator Logical Operators Concatenation operator Other operators Assignment Operator The first […]

  • VBA Constant Basic Tutorial

    Date:2020-11-18 Author:Sandra

    VBA constants are relative to the concept of VBA variables. Unlike variables, once a constant is assigned, its value cannot be changed. During the entire process of the program, its value remains unchanged. If new data is assigned forcibly, VBA will report an error. Using VBA constants can make a value expressed in a more […]

  • VBA Variable Basic Tutorial

    Date:2020-11-16 Author:Sandra

    In the last chapter “Excel VBA Basics”, we learned some basic concepts and operations. In some tutorials, Some specific VBA code would appears, which you may not understand. But it doesn’t matter. From the beginning of this chapter, we will learn the grammar part of VBA specifically, which will take you into the real VBA […]

  • How to Run the VBA Code in Excel?

    Date:2020-11-13 Author:Sandra

    This article will introduce various methods of how to run VBA in Excel. Different methods are applicable to different situations, and one of them can be used according to specific needs. The “run” mentioned in this article refers to running in the Excel interface, not in the VBA editor. Generally speaking, there are three ways […]

  • Black Friday Super Sale – Get windows 10 for free.

    Date:2020-11-12 Author:Sandra

    Do you know that you can make upcoming Black Friday super for you with GoDeal24.com Black Friday Super Sale? One of the biggest deals of the year is running only during the Black Friday super sale and you have the chance to claim it today. Feel like a superhuman this Black Friday with our “Buy […]

  • Write the First VBA Macro by Yourself

    Date:2020-11-11 Author:Sandra

    Through the previous tutorials, we have a basic understanding of Excel VBA, and you maybe have initially learned to use the VBA editor. If you haven’t read it yet, it is recommended to read and study first. In this tutorial, the author will introduce how to write a VBA macro from scratch, that is, a […]

  • Use the VBA Editor in Excel

    Date:2020-11-9 Author:Sandra

    A workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. The VBA editor is the core development tool. It can be said that almost every step in Excel VBA development is carried out in the VBA editor, including writing, debugging, testing, running, and code organization. This article mainly introduces the […]