Cool and Funny Microsoft Word Tricks

Date:2020-9-25 Author:Sandra

We usually use Word a lot, and we also have a lot of skills about Word. But in fact, there are many skills that you don’t use or don’t know yet. Today, this article will share with you a few very interesting tricks that many people don’t know.

1. Generate a Draft.

We all know that Word is a typesetting software, so we may need to edit and typeset various texts. But if you don’t have text content, we can use this function to automatically generate a large section of text content for typesetting. Isn’t it interesting?

You only need to enter[ =rand(5,7) ],then press Enter key.Now, you will get five paragraphs of text, and each paragraph has only seven sentences.

Cool and Funny Microsoft Word Tricks

2. Collapse Content.

Sometimes there is too much content in Word, which makes it not convenient for us to look up. At this time, you can fold the content and leave only a title. When you want to see it, just unfold it, and fold it when you don’t want to. Let’s use the five paragraphs of text just generated as an example. You only need to hold down the Ctrl key to select all the titles, and then set the level of the title in the Style.

Cool and Funny Microsoft Word Tricks

3. Automatically Generate Underscore

How do you usually enter underscores? In fact, we only need to enter three minus signs “-” in a row, and then press the Enter key, we can quickly get an underscore! In addition to the minus sign, we can also enter other symbols like “~,#,*,=” and press the Enter key. Try it now!

Cool and Funny Microsoft Word Tricks

4. Generate Tables Quickly

How do you make a table in Word? Is it generated by inserting the number of rows and columns? In fact, there is a faster and more interesting method. Just enter “+-+-+-+-+”! Then adjust the table to make it as needed.

Cool and Funny Microsoft Word Tricks

Hope you like these cute and interesting tips and they can be helpful to you.

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