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How to Covert PPT to Word

Date:2019-8-8 Author:Cordelia

Microsoft PowerPoint is a commonly used tool for making presentations in both study and work. But the PPT document is not as convenient as Word to be viewed on all kinds of devices. So I’d like to introduce how to covert PPT to Word in this post.

First of all, open the file you want to covert. Click File in the top left corner of the page.

How to Covert PPT to Word

Choose Export in the left and select Create Handouts.

How to Covert PPT to Word

Then click the icon of Create Handouts on the right. As the description suggests, it will create a handout of the slides and notes in Word document.

How to Covert PPT to Word

You can select the page layout in the popping out window as you like.

How to Covert PPT to Word

Then the new generated Word document will pop out automatically. It means you’ve successfully converted PPT to Word. You can check the content of each slide in the document. Don’t forget to save the file on your computer after finishing editing.

How to Covert PPT to WordHow to Covert PPT to Word

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