How To Use The T Function In Excel?

Date:2021-9-29 Author:Sandra

It’s time for you guys to learn Excel Function. Today, we are going to learn a simple and new one, that’s T function.



Purpose: Filter text value only

So, the T function aims to test whether the provided value is a text type, and if so, returns the text; otherwise, you will get a blank cell.

Let’s take an example.

How To Use The T Function In Excel?

Cell B3 shows the text in cell A3.

How To Use The T Function In Excel?

Now, let’s make a distinction between the values in the yellow box.

[123456] is number, so cell B4 shows nothing.

[“123456”] Numbers enclosed in double quotation marks are text types. So cell B5 shows “123456”

[123456] in cell A6. The green triangle in the upper left corner of the cell indicates that the cell is of text type.

How To Use The T Function In Excel?

Actually, we do not usually use the T function. Anyway, multi-skills are not pressured. See you next time.

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