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Tags:useful Excel tricks

  • Useful Excel Tricks for Conditional Formatting

    Date:2021-4-7 Author:Sandra

    As we know that Conditional Formatting can easily spot trends and patterns in your data using bars, colors, and icons to visually highlight important values. But in fact, many people still ignore that conditional formatting is a very useful tool. So today, Sandra would share several tricks for using Conditional Formatting. Highlight Duplicate Data Select […]

  • Useful Excel Tips & Tricks You Should Know

    Date:2020-11-23 Author:Sandra

    This is a perfect and excellent article If you still use Excel frequently in your work or study, The so-called multi-skills are not pressure. So, today, the author will share some useful Excel tricks. Come and learn! Skill 1:How to Make Your Excel Data More Intuitive? When you first look at this table, can you quickly find the […]