10 Features of Microsoft Word

Date:2021-3-26 Author:Sandra

We use Microsoft Word for daily office work, but do you know what are the features of Word? So, today the author will take you to get a deeper understanding of our daily office partner, Microsoft Word.

10 Features of Microsoft Word

(1) What You See Is What You Get

We use Word to edit the content of the document, which makes the printing effect clear on the screen.

(2) Intuitive Operation Interface

The Word software has a friendly interface and provides a variety of tools. You can use the mouse to complete selection, typesetting and other operations.

10 Features of Microsoft Word

(3) Multimedia Mixing

You can use Word to edit text graphics, images, sounds, animations, and insert information produced by other software. You can also use the drawing tools provided by Word to make graphics, edit artistic words, and mathematical formulas, which can satisfy users’ various documents. Processing requirements.

(4) Powerful Tabulation Function

Word provides a powerful tabulation function, not only automatic tabulation, but also manual tabulation. Word’s table line is automatically protected, the data in the table can be automatically calculated, and the table can also be modified in various ways. In Word software, you can also directly insert spreadsheets. Using Word software to make forms is easy and beautiful, fast and convenient.

(5) Automatic Function

Word software provides spelling and grammar checking functions to improve the correctness of English article editing. If grammatical errors or spelling errors are found, Word also provides suggestions for corrections. When the document is edited with Word software, Word can help users automatically compose abstracts, saving users a lot of time. The automatic correction function provides a good help for the user to input the same characters. The user can define the character input by himself. When the user wants to input the same characters, he can define a letter instead.

(6) Template and Wizard Function

 Word provides a large number of rich templates, so that users can quickly establish the corresponding format when editing a certain type of document. Moreover, MS Word allows users to define their own templates, which provides users with an efficient and fast way to create documents with special needs. method.

(7) Rich help Function

The help function of Word software is detailed and rich. The visual and convenient help provided by Word software enables users to find solutions to problems when they encounter problems. Provides convenience for users to learn by themselves.

 (8) Web Tool Support

 The Internet is one of the most widely used and popular aspects of computers today. Word provides Web support. Users can quickly and easily create Web pages (usually called web pages) according to the Web page wizard. You can also use Word The web toolbar of the software can quickly open, search or browse various documents including web pages and web documents.

(9) Super Compatibility

Word can support documents in many formats, and you can also save Word edited documents as files in other formats, which provides great convenience for the exchange of information between Word and other software. You can edit emails, envelopes, memos, reports, web pages, etc. with Word.

(10) Powerful Printing Function

Microsoft Word provides a print preview function, with strong support and configuration of printer parameters.

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