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归档: 2019 September 10

  • How to Unify the Date Format in Microsoft Excel

    时间:2019-9-10 作者:Cordelia

    To record a set of data in Microsoft Excel, you probably don’t think much about the format at the beginning. The data like dates can be entered in Excel with different formats by yourself or several different people. But things change, now you want to rearrange the dates in the spreadsheet. At this point, how […]

  • 10 Tips for Double-Click to Save Your Time in Microsoft Word

    时间:2019-9-10 作者:Olivia

    While editing documents in MS Word, certainly you can search a specified command among multiple tabs and menus, but to save your time, it is far better to use double-click shortcuts. Double-click is the process of quickly pressing a mouse button twice without moving it. In most cases, it is usually with the left mouse […]

  • How to Insert and Edit Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word Documents

    时间:2019-9-10 作者:Cordelia

    Using Microsoft Word to edit documents in daily work sometimes requires you to link some contents with other contents, such as other paragraphs, pictures, videos or even web pages. It can be done very conveniently with the hyperlinks feature of Word. In this post I’ll introduce the way to insert, edit, as well as delete […]