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Archiver: 2020 February 03

  • How to Insert and Delete a Footnote in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-2-3 Author:Olivia

    When editing a document, you can insert a footnote to explain or provide references to something you’ve mentioned in the document. Usually, footnotes are displayed at the bottom of the page, and a document may have multiple footnotes if needed. Here I’ d like to share the tip of how to insert and delete a […]

  • How to Format Images in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-2-3 Author:Olivia

    There are many methods to format images in Microsoft Word. For example, you can change the shape of an image to suit your document better, and also enhance its appearance by using adjustment tools. Here I’d like to share three of them. Method 1. Crop an image to a shape 1. Select the image you […]