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Archiver: 2020 March 18

  • How to Animate a Word or Paragraph in PPT Letter by Letter

    Date:2020-3-18 Author:Cordelia

    You may have seen an animation effect that a word or a paragraph appearing in PowerPoint letter by letter, together with the sound of typing, just like you are typing on a typewriter. How does this interesting animation created? 1. Open PowerPoint, insert the text in a slide. If it’s a blank slide, you can […]

  • How to Delete Account Picture in Windows 10

    Date:2020-3-18 Author:Olivia

    We’ve already shared the method to change account picture, and you may have changed it many times without realizing it. Actually those photos will still appear in your account settings, and if you want to delete account picture from the computer completely, or reset one of them as account picture, just continue with this post. […]