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Tags:insert a sound

  • How to Animate a Word or Paragraph in PPT Letter by Letter

    Date:2020-3-18 Author:Cordelia

    You may have seen an animation effect that a word or a paragraph appearing in PowerPoint letter by letter, together with the sound of typing, just like you are typing on a typewriter. How does this interesting animation created? 1. Open PowerPoint, insert the text in a slide. If it’s a blank slide, you can […]

  • How to Insert or Delete a Sound in PowerPoint Presentation

    Date:2019-9-23 Author:Olivia

    Perhaps you have learned a lot tricks about how to create an attractive PowerPoints slide show, but besides all functions in the Ribbon, inserting a sound in the document will results in a better presentation. A double sensory experience of sight and hearing will definitely leave a stronger impression. So how can we achieve it? […]