How to Autosave You File in Excel

Date:2019-7-15 Author:Cordelia

An Excel sheet containing many complicated data can take much of your time to deal with. If there's any emergency happens in the process of editing it like power outage, switch trip or system halted, your effort may lead to no end. Therefore, we better enable the autosave feature in Excel.

Click FileOptions.

How to Autosave You File in Excel

Select Save in Excel Options. Here you can customize how workbooks are saved. If you want to edit the file without additional worries, then increase the frequency of autosave by shortening the interval time between 2 auto saves. You can also customize the location to place your autosave files.

How to Autosave You File in Excel

Hit OK. From now on the Excel file will be saved according to your setting automatically.

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