How to Input Fractions in Word 2016

Date:2019-7-12 Author:Cordelia

If you are editing a document involving math, you may need to input some mathematical symbols including fractions. In this post, I’d like to introduce the way to insert a fraction in Word 2016.

Click Object in Insert tab. There’re two options in the drop-down list, choose Object…

How to Input Fractions in Word 2016

When the Object window pops out, find Microsoft Equation 3.0 in the Object type list and then hit OK.

How to Input Fractions in Word 2016How to Input Fractions in Word 2016

If you need to insert a lot of mathematical symbols in the document, check Display as icon, thus a shortcut icon will be created on the page you are editing. You can then activate Equation Editor by double-clicking it.

How to Input Fractions in Word 2016

How to Input Fractions in Word 2016

If you didn’t check Display as icon, then you’ll see a textbox and a tool bar on the page. Select the symbol you need and modify the number in the textbox. In this way you can insert all kinds of math symbols and equations to your document.

How to Input Fractions in Word 2016

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