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  • How to Use Format Cells to Quick Enter a Series of Data in Excel

    Date:2019-10-16 Author:Cordelia

    When editing Excel spreadsheet, you can hardly avoid entering a series of similar data, like departments in company, product ID, e-mail address, etc. Some of them are almost the same, just a little difference in the begging or ending, but you still need to input them completely over and over, which is quite exhausting. In […]

  • Tip to Quick Input Specified Text in Excel

    Date:2019-8-6 Author:Cordelia

    If you want to type a great many repeated data in an Excel file like gender, department, etc. There’s a quick way in addition to add drop-down list. Let’s see the detailed steps. Assuming that I need type-in the gender of all employees in Excel. Should I input “Female” or “Male” in one after another […]