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  • How to Adjust the Space between Characters in MS Word

    Date:2019-11-3 Author:Cordelia

    In order to meet the demand of some specific documents, or simply make the layout more artistic, sometimes you may need to adjust the space between characters in Microsoft Word. 1. Resembling the method of changing paragraph spacing, select the text you want to adjust and right-click your mouse. Then choose Font… in the menu. […]

  • How to Customize the Page Margins in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2019-10-11 Author:Olivia

    Page margins decide the location and size of the Excel sheet in a printed paper. Just like in MS word, you can also customize the page margins in Excel to make it meet your needs, and thereby print a better document. 1. First, click File in the upper left corner. 2. Next, click Print in […]

  • 3 Useful Tips to Help You Typeset a Long Word Document

    Date:2019-8-29 Author:Cordelia

    Microsoft Word is a powerful tool for word processing. With it, you can intuitively edit the text and the layout in a document. But sometimes, you might need the help of some shortcuts and small tricks to boost the efficiency of typesetting a long Word document. 1 Quick Locate to the Beginning or the End […]