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Date:2021-6-20 Author:Sandra

Converting word files to PDF is extremely important, especially if you have to share your documents between different devices having different operating systems. You should know that PDF format has its sanctity. 

You would surely understand its importance while sending memos, invoices, records, statements, and other confidential documents. You can indeed convert word to PDF from the very interface of Office, but you should know that this manual conversion takes a lot of time and effort. 

In this article, you will explore the details of the best online word to PDF converter tools. The online converter tools can change the format of your files in less than seconds and with complete accuracy.

Convert DOC to PDF with online utilities

Here is the detailed list of some of the top-notch DOC to PDF converter tools that you should know about:

  • Word to PDF converter by Duplichecker

The word to PDF converter tool by Duplichecker is one out of dozens of free and reliable tools indexed on this site. People usually consider Duplichecker as a designated plagiarism-checking website. Well, it is a fact that Duplichecker is a reliable resource when it comes to finding plagiarism in documents. Still, you should also know that this website offers plenty of free seo tools.  The word to PDF converter by Duplichecker is not only free but is also very easy to use. The docx to pdf tool doesn’t require you to do any installations or registrations. You have to enter the word files in the input box of the tool and hit the ‘convert to PDF’ button. You would get downloadable PDF files in less than five seconds. The process is effort-free and accurate.

  • PDF element 

PDF element is the home to many tools which can help you in creating, editing, compressing, converting, and in other manipulations of PDF files. Now you should know that this pro site can be used online or get its application version for your smartphone. If you need a professional word to PDF converter tool which can protect the quality and originality of your files, then you should go for this option. The basic purpose of the PDF element is to simplify the work of users, and by using this word to PDF converter tool, you can surely simplify your work and make word conversion easy.

  • PDF Maker

This is another online tool that can help you create new PDF files based on old word inputs. You have to enter the word files in the tool, and it would use AI and advanced algorithms to analyze, adjust, and convert your files to PDF or any other format you want. The PDF maker is generally used when you need to make a conversion immediately. The only con of this tool is that it is not all user-friendly. We would also like you to know that this online PDF maker tool is best for one-page document conversions. 

  • Primo PDF

Primo PDF also offers multiple tools related to PDF. The word to PDF converter is one of the popular options that you can find online. This tool is known to be best for the windows operating system. This word to PDF converter is free and is also one of the quickest converter tools that you can find online. The drag and drop feature of this online converter makes the handling of input files quite simple. Here you should know that primo PDF is the best way to convert word files that only have text on them. If you input word files having graphic content in them, you might find some trouble changing and saving the file into PDF.

  • Word to PDF converter by SmallSEOTools 

SmallSeoTools is a well-known platform for providing online services related to different aspects related to digital management. On this website, you are going to find a complete section dedicated to PDF tools. In this section, you are going to find out the word to PDF converter tool. The word to PDF converter is very easy to use, and even a new user can learn how to use it without any hassle. You just need to click on this https://smallseotools.com/word-to-pdf upload the word documents you have saved in your online or offline storage and hit the convert button. The word to pdf converter would hardly take ten seconds to make the conversion and get you a downloadable version.

Word to PDF - Convert DOC to PDF Online For Free
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

This is the oldest word for PDF converter in this league. You can use Adobe online or get its application version for any of your devices. You should know that this application cum tool is known to be best for creating new PDF files and converting word files to PDF. The best thing about this easy-to-use converter tool is that it can preserve the format and structure of the word file while converting it into PDF. It can help you in both partial and batch conversion of word files into PDF!

By using any of these document converter tools, you can get brand new PDF files for free.

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