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Archiver: 2019 July 26

  • How to Add Music in Word

    Date:2019-7-26 Author:Cordelia

    Word is not a simple software only confined to plain text. You can add color to a document with all kinds of factors, like pictures, sheets, or even music. How can we insert music to the Word file? First, place your cursor at the place you want to add music. Select Insert tab, click the […]

  • How to Batch Create Multiple Documents with Different Titles

    Date:2019-7-26 Author:Cordelia

    In practical work, if you need multiple new documents with different titles, you can try this method below instead of creating Word files one by one. First, create a new folder and name it as you like. Then create a new Word document in it. Input all the titles of new documents. Please note that […]

  • Quickest Way to Replace Text with Picture in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-7-26 Author:Cordelia

    Today I’d like to share a small trick which can simply replace plain text with pictures. Taking the word “Windows” for example. Assuming it appears in a whole document for many times, and now I want to replace them into the picture below. The first thing you need to do is copying the picture to […]