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Archiver: 2019 August 30

  • How to Batch Create Multiple Sheets with Different Titles in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2019-8-30 Author:Olivia

    In previous post, we have introduced the tip of how to batch create multiple documents with different titles in Word. You might have the same problem when editing with Excel. The method is quite different but also easy, but it can save your time and improve the efficiency. Let’s see what we can do about […]

  • The Quickest Way to Sum columns or rows in Excel Spreadsheet

    Date:2019-8-30 Author:Cordelia

    Among all these ways to calculate the summation in Excel, the fastest way as I think is to use shortcuts. With it, you can even sum multiple columns or rows in seconds. The only thing you need do is selecting the values to sum, and press Ctrl+= on the keyboard. For example, if you want […]

  • 5 Office Tricks to Brighten Your Mood

    Date:2019-8-30 Author:Olivia

    When you love your job, you feel alive and joyful not just at home – but also at work. Honestly, it will also make you feel tired and bored when spending at least one third of time in the same place every day. Have you ever thought that you can brighten your mood with a […]