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5 Office Tricks to Brighten Your Mood

Date:2019-8-30 Author:Olivia
5 Office Tricks to Brighten Your Mood

When you love your job, you feel alive and joyful not just at home – but also at work. Honestly, it will also make you feel tired and bored when spending at least one third of time in the same place every day. Have you ever thought that you can brighten your mood with a few little tricks, and also highlight your personal styles in office – it’s all about what’s on the desk.

1. Flowering Plant

5 Office Tricks to Brighten Your Mood

Having potted plant on the desk can help us relieve stress and alleviate the eye fatigue on certain level addition to purify the air. The shape, color and smell of plant can adjust invisibly the nervous emotion in busy work.

Personally, I prefer flowering plant to leafy greens, even it will cost more time and patience to take care of them. Cultivating a seed into a bunch of flowers could give you a great sense of accomplishment. Here we collect 5 flowering plants that are suitable for office, which are ranked in 3 aspects: maintenance difficulty, lighting requirement and water requirement for your reference.

2. Portable USB Humidifier

5 Office Tricks to Brighten Your Mood

Air conditioners in the office can dry the indoor air, and working in such an environment for a long time will impact one’s health. Dehydrated skin can be tight, flaky and sore, even generate wrinkles for dry skin. Fluid loss will affect the nasal mucosa and tracheal mucosa with losing their defenses against viruses and bacteria.

Luckily we have “great inventions” like portable USB humidifier, atomizing the water and spreading it evenly into the air, and it can also be used in meetings without taking up too much space. In addition, there are many different shapes to choose from, do you prefer Baymax or Spider-Man?

3. Coffee Cup

5 Office Tricks to Brighten Your Mood

Start your day with a cup of coffee and panoramic city views. Some people are very selective about coffee beans and coffee machine, but what about coffee cup? It is also the reflections of one’s inner world. Cute or mature, gorgeous or simple, you can know more about your colleagues by observing their coffee cups. In winter, a cup of hot coffee can warm your hands, bring you inspiration and the patterns and colors on the cup will remind you of the person who gave you that gift.

4. Refrigerator Magnet

5 Office Tricks to Brighten Your Mood

Who said that refrigerator magnets should only be in the kitchen? Integrating your collection hobby with work environment is a great experience. Those with various colors and shapes can make your desk more unique and interesting, and exchanging them with your colleagues might help to get closer to each other. You could also use refrigerator magnets to fix sticky notes and schedules fixed onto the wall. With such a bold reminder, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting important things.

5. Color Folder

5 Office Tricks to Brighten Your Mood

There are always a lot of documents which need to be arranged. Why not select some folders with striking colors, then sort and put the documents into them? Compared to the regular color like black, blue and white, you can choose green, yellow or red to lift the spirits. Also, you can easily find the specified material without opening the folders. It could save your time but avoid any loss of important things.

Eat healthy and low-calorie snacks or try some team building games are also effective methods to brighten your mood. We could do more to release stress and balance emotions in our fast-paced work, thus meet all the challenges at work in a good condition.

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