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Archiver: Olivia

  • How to Sort Data by Font Color in Microsoft Excel

    Date:2020-7-14 Author:Olivia

    When editing a worksheet, sometimes you might change the color of the font to make the it more readable. And in some cases, like analyzing monthly sales data, you need to sort data by font color in Excel, which could help to understand your data better, quickly find what you want and make more effective […]

  • How to Set Default Photo Player in Windows 10

    Date:2020-7-8 Author:Olivia

    When you double-click on an image or picture in Windows 10, it will open with Photo Viewer by default. And if you’d rather it open with a different photo viewing program, here is a simple way to set the default photo player in Windows to the application of your choice! 1. Click Start icon at […]

  • How to Change UAC Settings in Windows 10

    Date:2020-7-6 Author:Olivia

    User Account Control helps prevent potentially harmful programs from making changes to your computer, and you can choose when to be notified about changes to your computer. For your better reference, here I’d like share how to change UAC settings in Windows 10. 1. Press the shortcuts [Win] + [R] on your keyboard to invoke […]

  • How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 10

    Date:2020-6-25 Author:Olivia

    If you’re new to Windows 10, you might not know how to remove applications that you no longer use on the computer. It’s time to free up disk space and in this post, I will introduce the way to uninstall apps on Windows 10. Let’s take a look at the detailed steps. 1. Click Start […]

  • Daily Giveaway – Windows 11 Product Key For Free!

    Date:2020-5-25 Author:Olivia

    From now on, we will provide 1 free Windows 10 Pro/11 product key per working day, which requires you to install Windows 10 Pro/11 at first. The code will be 25-character long, with 2 numbers been hidden. All you need to do is taking a guess and wishing yourself good luck! Follow the activities on our […]

  • 3 Simple Methods to Open Calculator on Windows 10

    Date:2020-5-19 Author:Olivia

    When pocket calculators and cell phones aren’t around, the built-in calculator on Windows 10 can help a lot. More important than its design, it’s also a versatile calculator featuring scientific, programmer, financial, and basic calculators. Actually there are 3 simple methods to open calculator and here I will introduce them separately: Open Calculator via Start Menu […]

  • 2 Methods to Check the Current Version of Windows 10

    Date:2020-5-11 Author:Olivia

    It’s necessary to know which operating system version of Windows 10 you are using, since it’s an important reference for installing new programs and also for troubleshooting. To find out the current version of your computer, there are 2 commonly used methods in Windows allowing you to accesse the relevant system information. Just follow these […]

  • 5 Tips to Customize a Page Header in Microsoft Word

    Date:2020-5-3 Author:Olivia

    When the default header of Word can’t suit your needs, you can definitely customize a new one by double-clicking the white space on the top of the page. Especially for some Word documents that need to be printed out, you can try these 5 tips to make the header more professional and stylish. Tip 1: […]

  • 3 Tips to Batch Remove Carriage Returns (Line Breaks) in Excel

    Date:2020-4-27 Author:Olivia

    The Excel sheet you copy from a webpage or receive from others might already contains some carriage returns (line breaks), which have no severe impact on the content but do affect the layout, and can cause search error when the phrases are separated. Here I’d like to share 3 tips to help you removing all […]

  • 5 Methods to Insert Mathematical Symbols in Word

    Date:2020-4-27 Author:Olivia

    Have you ever been bothered by inserting a mathematical symbol in Word? After all, the current keyboard has been designed with very few common symbols. As for larger than or equal to symbol, approximately equal to symbol, not equal to symbol, etc., you can only insert them through other approaches. Here I’d like to share […]