4 Office Tips to Prevent Computer Radiation Effectively

Date:2019-8-28 Author:Olivia
4 Office Tips to Prevent Computer Radiation Effectively

If you regularly use your PC for more than four hours, then you have to pay attention to the pollution of office environment, especially the influence of health that computer brings. The side effects are mainly manifested as: watery eyes, visual deterioration and dizziness. For females, computer radiation could also have a negative effect on the well-cared-for skin.

Although modern technology cannot eliminate the release of computer radiation completely, there are still a few methods you can use to minimize the damage from it. Here I’d like to share 4 tips to prevent computer radiation effectively.

1. Vitamin and Protein Supplement

An orange a day, keeps the doctor away, or you could also have 2-3 cups of green tea if its available. Vitamin C in orange and tea polyphenols in green tea can efficaciously neutralize free radicals, which come from computer radiation and cause DNA damage in the body.

The animal food, like fish, lean meat, liver, egg, milk and so on is richly in protein, that can promote the proliferation of immune cells, enhance human immunity, and also decompose and digest electromagnetic radiation remains in the body.

4 Office Tips to Prevent Computer Radiation Effectively

2. Make-up Base and Wash Your Face

Applying make-up base is a routine skincare routine that almost every woman does before heading to the office, but did you know it can form a protective film in skin surface, thus to strengthen skin’s defense mechanism and resist the external environment.

When using the computer, some electromagnetic radiation particles may have attached to the surface of your face. It might cause macula, pigmentation or even skin lesion in the long run. Washing your face immediately after work is the easiest way to solve the problem from the origin.

4 Office Tips to Prevent Computer Radiation Effectively

3. Place Potted Plants

Having potted plants in the office not only can adsorb dust and hazardous material, but also produce oxygen and purify the air, which is good for your health. Take a short break at work and turn your eyes to the green plants could alleviate eye fatigue for a while. There are some appropriate plants for your choice: aloe, cactus, chlorophytum and here is a special one – scindapsus, which can also eliminate formaldehyde from the air that is commonly released by cigarette smoke and adhesives (used with wood furnishings).

4 Office Tips to Prevent Computer Radiation Effectively

4. Adjust Screen Brightness

In general, the brighter the screen, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation. Dimming the screen needs to be within a reasonable range, otherwise it might cause visual impairment. Try not to have the back of the computer facing other people, because that’s where the computer radiation is strongest. Please also keep a distance of 50 to 75 cm from the computer when you’re using it.

4 Office Tips to Prevent Computer Radiation Effectively

Compared to outdoor workers, people who work in the office might suffer more invisible damage, and computer radiation is just one that familiar to us. Office is the place where we spend the most time besides our home. Therefore, exploring more effective methods to protect us from indoor environmental damage is particularly important in the long term.

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