5 Tips to Help You Wake Up and Sober Up in the Morning

Date:2019-9-4 Author:Cordelia
Wake up and cheer up in the morning

It’s no secret that waking up early is good for your health, but today’s office workers are often plagued with the problem of getting up in the morning. Do you have the experience of lying in bed after the alarm goes off and being late for work, or finally getting up in time with a groggy brain?

Working in this state will obviously affects your productivity and decisiveness. So what else can you do to feel refreshed and stay sober in the morning in addition to drinking coffee?

1. Give Yourself a Good Reason

Give yourself a reason to get up

The most powerful thing to get you out of the bed is a good reason, a strong motivation. You are not just “supposed” to get up, but “have to” get up.

A good reason can force you to leave the warm bed, whether it’s to morning exercise, prepare breakfast for your family, or to finish the rest of yesterday’s work. No matter what it is, a clear purpose will always help you.

2. Drink a Cup of Water Before Breakfast

Drink a cup of water before breakfast

After getting up, drinking a cup of water can supplement the water that you loses in long-time sleep. It’s also more healthy to have breakfast after drinking a cup of water.

3. Having Healthy Breakfast

 Eating healthy breakfast

Comparing to energy boosting drinks, a Heath breakfast can be more capable to replenish the nutrients for your body, making you more focused and alert.

Make sure the food you eat are high in protein or carbohydrates, such as whole-wheat toast, egg whites, Greek yogurt and fresh fruit.

4. Drink a Cup of Tea after Breakfast

Drink a cup of tea after breakfast

If you like something more tasty than pure water but less bitter than black coffee, tea is a good substitute.

The average caffeine in a cup of coffee is 100-150 mg, while a cup of black tea contains about 50 mg and green tea contains 25-30 mg. On top of that, tea is rich in antioxidants, which gives you more health benefits and make you feel good all day.

However, it should be noted that drinking tea with an empty stomach will dilute gastric acid and interfere with the digestion. So it’s recommended to drink a cup of tea after your breakfast.

5. Morning Exercise

Do a 20 minutes morning workout

The common sense might tell you that exercise requires you to be energetic in the first place, but researches show that exercise itself can make you feel more energetic.

Doing a 20-minute regular exercise with low intensity several times a week can boost your energy throughout the day, and the exercise with higher intensity can make you even more energetic.

So if you can do a quick, high-intensity workout every morning for about 20 minutes, you’ll be sure to get enough energy for the whole day long work.

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