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8 Effective Tips to Make Your Laptop Battery More Durable

Date:2020-3-31 Author:Cordelia
8 Effective Tips to Make Your Laptop Battery More Durable

Compared with desktop computers, laptop computers are more convenient to carry and can be used anywhere without delay. But the battery life of laptop has also been a big trouble. If you find your laptop battery runs out quickly, or even quicker and quicker as time goes by, there are actually some tips you can try to make your battery more durable so that your laptop last longer.

1. Dark Background is More Power Efficient

Users tend to choose pretty pictures for the background of their laptops, but it’s actually very power-hungry because the OLED display on the laptop screen allows each pixel to glow independently, which results in more colors more power consumption. On the other hand, if you choose a black background, the pixels on the screen are turned off, which is more power-saving.

2. Clean up the Junk Files

In addition to making your system run faster, cleaning up computer can also help your laptop run on less power. Considering a slow laptop can also affect battery life, it’s important to get into the habit of regularly cleaning up.

3. Prevent the Laptop from being too Cold or Overheated

Laptop batteries are lithium-ion batteries, which drain battery power faster and affect battery life at extreme temperatures such as too cold or too hot. When the laptop overheats, in addition to running caton, there is even the risk of battery explosion.

4. Don’t Plug It in All the Time

It is also a bad habbit to keep your laptop plugged in at all times, because the charging cycle of a laptop is between 0% and 100%, if it’s plugged in all the time, the cycle will be blocked, which will affect the battery life. So you better unplug the power supply after the laptop is fully charged and maintain the power from 50% to 80%.

5. Don’t Run Out of the Battery

In addition to keeping the power cord plugged in, it’s also a mistake for some users to run out of power and charge it later. Because lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, running out of the power can cause the chemicals in them to fail to react and reduce battery life. Therefore,  it is best to charge your laptop when it still has more than 20% power left.

6. Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi

The two functions consume a lot of power in standby mode, so turn it off when you don’t need to use it, and turn it on when you use it. It may be troublesome but very power-saving.

7. Don’t Open too Many Apps

Don’t open too many apps on your laptop during use. This will put a lot of pressure on the system, and it will drain the battery too quickly, which is not good for battery life. So try to turn off the apps you don’t use.

8. Update System Patches in Time

System patches are also good for laptop batteries, and in addition to providing protection upgrades and speed updates, they can also fix battery consumption.

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