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How to Go Back to the Last Edited Location in Word

Date:2019-12-16 Author:Cordelia

When you are editing a lengthy document in Word, it may happen that there’s still something wrong with the content you just modified. To correct it, you must scroll up and down to find the location, which could be exhausting sometimes if the document is really long. So How can you go to the last edited location easily?

The truth is you don’t need to locate it manually.  Here are 2 simple methods.

1. Shortcuts

Just press [Shift+F5] key on your keyboard. The cursor will jump to your last edited location. This is probably the simplest way.

2. Navigation

Alternately, you can press [Ctrl+F] key to evoke the Navigation tool.

Input one words or two you remembered in the last edited place. Then you can see all the results. Click the one you need and it will guide you to the specific location immediately.

How to Go Back to the Last Edited Location in Word

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