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Tags:control panel

  • 3 Methods to Get Access to Control Panel in Window 10

    Date:2020-4-16 Author:Cordelia

    When using a computer, many operations need to be implemented through Control Panel, which gathers a set of applets to add or remove hardware and software, controll user accounts, change accessibility options, and access networking settings. But after upgrading to Windows 10, people may not be able to find Control Panel in old paths. So […]

  • How to Create Desktop Icon of Control Panel in Windows 10

    Date:2020-3-12 Author:Olivia

    Clicking on the desktop icon is the quickest way to open an application, and system Settings are no exception. In previous post, we’ve introduce the method to create desktop shortcuts of Apps, and here let’s go further to explore how to create desktop icon of control panel in your Windows 10 PC. 1. Click Start icon at […]