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Tags:drop-down list

  • How to Add a Drop-down List in Excel

    Date:2019-9-21 Author:Cordelia

    You must have seen some Excel spreadsheets with drop-down list. It’s quite convenient to select an option from the list instead of typing it by yourself. Therefore, I’d like to share some experiences of creating a drop-down list in Excel. 1. Select the cell you want to add drop-down menu. Click Data Validation in Data […]

  • How to Add a Drop-down List in Word

    Date:2019-7-4 Author:Cordelia

    I’ve wrote a post about creating a drop-down list in Excel before. For similar reasons, some people may also want to add a drop-down list in Word. Let’s see how to achieve it. 1. First, have a check that if you can find Developer tab in your Word. If not, click File > Options, and […]