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  • How to Hide or Show Paragraph Marks in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-10-24 Author:Cordelia

    In Word documents, pressing [Enter] key to start a new paragraph could leave a paragraph mark. It won’t affect the content of document in essence nor appear in your printed pater, but do make the layout looks messy. Therefore, I’d like to show you how to hide paragraph marks in Word. 1. Click File at […]

  • How to Set Line Spacing in Word

    Date:2019-7-12 Author:Cordelia

    While typesetting a document in Word, it’s a necessary operation to set the line spacing of text. Many of you may already know it very well. But for those people who’s still not familiar with the steps, I’ll make a simple guide here. Select the text you want to typeset. If you want to modify […]

  • How to Add Borders to Paragraphs in Word 2016

    Date:2019-7-2 Author:Cordelia

    The way to add borders to paragraphs is much like one of the methods to underline text in Word. First select the content you want to add borders. Click Home – Borders. In the pull-down list you can choose different types of borders. Here I choose All Borders as an example. You can also select […]