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  • How to Remove the Arrows from Shortcut Icons on Windows 10

    Date:2019-12-18 Author:Cordelia

    As you may have already noticed, unlike other icons, the shortcuts you put on your desktop always come with a small arrow. It can be quite annoying If you prefer a simple, clean desktop. So how can you remove the arrows from these shortcut icons? You can try this way in Windows 10: 1. Right-click […]

  • How to Hide or Show Paragraph Marks in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-10-24 Author:Cordelia

    In Word documents, pressing [Enter] key to start a new paragraph could leave a paragraph mark. It won’t affect the content of document in essence nor appear in your printed pater, but do make the layout looks messy. Therefore, I’d like to show you how to hide paragraph marks in Word. 1. Click File at […]