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  • How to Remove All the Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

    Date:2019-11-28 Author:Cordelia

    When you copy some words from Internet or save the whole article on your computer, you may find many hyperlinks in the document which make the layout very messy. Is there any way to batch delete unwanted hyperlinks instead of removing them one by one? Method 1: Shortcut key 1. First, select the content containing […]

  • How to Remove the Start Screen in Excel to Open New File Directly

    Date:2019-10-16 Author:Cordelia

    Are you tired of clicking the Blank workbook button to create a new file every time opening Excel? The truth is you may never use those featured templates in the start screen, but still waste your time here compulsorily. So why not disable this page and enter a new file directly? For this purpose, you […]

  • Remove Redundant White Spaces & Blank Lines Quickly in Word 2016

    Date:2019-9-12 Author:Cordelia

    A document downloaded from Internet may contain some unwantted formats. To remove the redundant spaces and blank lines in Word, Find and Replace can do a better job than reformatting manually. Let’s see how to achieve it.

  • How to Remove the Dotted Borders in Excel

    Date:2019-7-17 Author:Cordelia

    Have you ever seen one or more dotted borders in your Excel worksheet? It appears all of a sudden and can’t be deleted by normal means, which could be quite annoying. This kind of dotted line is actually caused by the switching of workbooks views. You can see this feature in View tab or the […]