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Tags:safe mode

  • 2 Effective Methods to Enter the Safe Mode of Windows 10

    Date:2019-11-11 Author:Cordelia

    Normally, entering the safe mode of computer can fix some common problems and system failures. But the old method of pressing [F8] when starting up the computer seems not working anymore in Windows 10. So, is there any other way to enter the safe mode? In Windows, the safe mode is integrated in the Troubleshoot module, so you can not […]

  • How to Start Microsoft Word/Excel/PPT in Safe Mode

    Date:2019-9-13 Author:Cordelia

    Safe mode is a kind of protection mechanism of Microsoft Office. When you open or close these documents in a wrong way or just install some plug-ins to them, Office applications may fail to work. At this point, you can still start Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. normally in safe mode. To make use of safe […]